Welcome to the Medford Township Police Officers' Association (MTPOA) website.

The MTPOA is comprised of sworn law enforcment officers from the Medford Township Police Department in Burlington County, New Jersey. The membership consists of patrol officers, detectives and corporals.  The MTPOA is multi-functional as it is a registered non-profit charity as well as a bargaining unit for its members. 


As a Medford Township resident, you have received our fund drive mailer which is distributed through the mail once a year.  We do not employ phone solicitors to act on our behalf to collect donations from you.  The list of charities that you allow us to donate is always growing and your support is greatly appreciated.

Medford Twp. Police Trading Cards

The Medford Township Police Department kicked off the distribution of the Medford Police Officers Trading Cards in 2012. Children from middle school and below can approach a Township Police Officer and obtain their very own trading card. Included in the thirty police officers trading cards are both of the Medford Township Police K9’s.


Four Medford youngsters completed the set and recieved a brand new bicycle, courtesy of Robey’s Lawnmower repair and the MTPOA. 


The trading card program encourages youth interaction between the Medford Police Officers and the community they serve. Please encourage your children to participate and we look forward to trading cards!!!!


The MTPOA would also like to recognize and thank the following sponsors:  

    Medford Masonic Lodge

    Headwater Village Homeowner Association

    Aloha Pools and Spa

    FOP Lodge #56